Research on the Outlook and Solutions in the Development of Marathon Series in China

Long di Dai, Si han Zhang


Today, Marathon Series rise gradually and grow fast, and their development brings undeniable influences, even can drive the development of a city in every aspect, playing an incredible catalytic role in the regional development. The author deeply explored the status and laws of the development of Marathon Series in our country through literature material laws, field investigation and expert interview survey and believes: Marathon Series can even stimulate enthusiasm among common people in running a marathon, can enhance communication and connection between cities, can better promote balanced development between each territory and plays a proactive role in the establishment of Marathon brand; for the future development of Marathon Series in our country, we should vigorously implement “Internet plus” strategies adapt to the era, prepare cooperation programs for the race well, make a plan as sufficiently as possible, actively carry out innovation and realize sustainable development, with a view to contributing fresh strength to the profound and long-lasting development of marathon business and even sport industry in our country as well as the Healthy China 2030 initiative.

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