Integration of National Complex and Sports Techniques: A View on the Historical Media of the Chinese Martial Arts from Unification of Martial Arts (1934-1935)

Haichao Fan


The Unification of Martial Arts was an important publication about martial arts during the period of the Republic of China. As a media for communication, it exerted a huge positive impact on spreading traditional Chinese martial arts in its ways and the contents. Therefore, this paper explores this journal through the method of literature and logic analysis. The study finds that, in terms of the content spreading, Unification of Martial Arts mainly has analyzed the martial arts from its unified concept, its ambitious thought of building China into a powerful nation, the basic knowledge of martial arts, its history and the legendary stories related to it. In terms of the ways, photographs have become an important carrier of martial arts techniques and a way of expressing national complex. The communication and investigation have presented the readers with a learning platform for interaction. Meanwhile, the dissemination of information about other sports has broken through the limitation in martial arts communication, demonstrating the inclusive spirit in the sporting world.

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