A Probe into the Path of the Moral Issues From the Perspective of Marxist Philosophy’s Practical Existence Theory

Cailei Sun


In the present era of the rapid development of market-oriented economy, the strangeness between people, the division of production and the diversity of occupations, and the different thinking ways of individual lead everyone to stand in their own position. As a result, the western tragedy appears and the social moral problems are becoming more and more serious. Marx turns his philosophical attention to the way of human existence—practical activities and their historical development. This paper analyzes the current moral problems from the perspective of Marxist practical existentialism. The rational path of virtue is to regard people as a rational being and its acquirement mainly depends on the intellect to overcome the perceptual preference. The spiritual path of virtue regards human as a spiritual being and its acquisition is through dialectical deduction of spirit itself. The practical path of virtue is to emphasize human’s perceptual activity and understand and manage things through practical activities.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/wjssr.v5n1p103


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