Improving Local Government Efficiency, Systems and Approaches: A Global Review

Nabukeera Madinah, Bwengye Michael


There is a quite huge body of existing literature both in form of theoretical and empirical evidence on local government administrative efficiency and fiscal sustainability in various studies, discussions and presentations. This literature review is based on the extensive data available on the varied alternative systems strengthening the local government governance, and the theoretical analysis. This paper is concerned with a question of the several systems presented, which is the best in enhancing the functional productivity and economic support of provincial Governments. Therefore, this paper seeks to evaluate the arguments advanced by proponents of decentralization, devolution, consolidations, mergers, cooperate arrangements or shared service arrangements. The analysis used the thematic reviews of literature that are organized around a topic or issue related to alternative systems of local government in 4 main parts; first describing local government structure and case for decentralization; second part for the case of other alternative models; third approaches to other alternatives, fourth new local government framework and fifth the summary and conclusion of the review.

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