Eight Principles of the New Public Administration —A Brief Review of The Spirit of Public Administration

Ruiyu Yang


In the book The Spirit of Public Administration, devoted to the search for the soul and spirit of public administration, the eight principles of public administration put forward by the Frederickson in the last chapter deserve careful study and reflection. After learning the author’s background and reading the complete book, I found that these eight principles not only link all the chapters and contents of the book, but also run through Frederickson’s research on the theory of new public administration. After each principle, I will add my own understanding to restore the author’s original intention as much as possible. From the perspective of civil service administrative practice and specific operations, we will conduct a more in-depth discussion on issues such as public, fairness, justice, law, and administrative discretion. It is hoped that public servants can have a deeper understanding of the spirit of public administration in their specific work and achieve a good vision of combining theory with practice.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/wjssr.v6n1p77


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