Charm of Nuo—Nuo Opera “Dongdongtui” of Dong Minority

Xianglin Yao, Jiahui Ling


“Dongdongtui”, a kind of original sacrificial Nuo opera, was included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage protection list in 2006. It only exists in Tianjing village, Xinhuang Dong autonomous county, Hunan province. Previously, the researchers only focused on the study of the intangible cultural heritage value of “Dongdongtui” and the exploration of its inheritance and development. However, due to the internal and external resistance, the government has not achieved good results in the implementation of the action, and the people with insight are unable to protect it. The national inheritor is 90 years old. His disciples are not capable enough to take up the mantle. There are few new students, and the influence of “Dongdongtui” is very limited in the region. “Dongdongtui” is spiritually lack of attraction, penetration, social acceptance and so on. It is facing with a dilemma of inheritance and development. Based on these, we went to the village and got close to “Dongdongtui”, personally felt the charm of masks, costumes and performances, and inquired about its value. Finally, combining with local geography, culture and tourism resources, we tried to propose a new region-wide tourism strategy which is suitable for the development of “Dongdongtui”.

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