Anglo-Nigerian Relations in the First Twenty-Five Years of Nigeria’s Independence: A Critical Analysis

Osunyikanmi Adebukola Foluke


The paper evaluates various aspects of Anglo-Nigerian relations during 25 years of Nigeria’s independence. The analysis is meant to put us in a better position to fully understand the nature and trends of the bilateral relations even after the first 25 years of Nigeria’s independence. The analysis is supported by an avalanche of extant literature that abounds on Anglo-Nigerian relations since 1960 when Nigeria became politically independent.

The unraveling of the literature is illuminating. One, the trend of Anglo-Nigerian relations has remained largely unchanged even in the 21st century. Two, although there have been occasional outbursts of misunderstanding and disagreements between both countries, such disagreements have never been allowed to go to the extent of causing protracted diplomatic rupture between them. Three, the prospects of improved relations between the two countries remain ever bright. In the final analysis, it is recommended that Anglo-Nigerian relations should be improved, nurtured and strengthened for the mutual benefits of both countries.

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