Biography of the Count Paul Ballada of Saint Robert

Gianfranco Medici


The count Paolo Ballada of Saint Robert (1815-1888) as very young boy, he entered the Military Academy of Turin. At 45 years, he left the Army for devoting himself to the study of physical and military sciences. He was a member of the Royal Academy of the Sciences of Turin, the Royal Academy of the Lincei of Rome, the Royal Lombardo Institute of Milan, and of the Society (Academy) Italian called XL (forty). His life was dedicated to technical-scientific studies: Ballistics, Artillery, Mechanic, Hypsometry, Thermodynamic and Natural Sciences. As a passionate mountaineer, he did many alpine excursions and he was the main promoter and organizer of the first Italian ascent to mount Monviso in 1863 with his friend Quintino Sella, and contributed to the foundation of the Italian Alpine Club. He retired in Castagnole delle Lanze (Asti) in 1878 until 1884. He died in Turin in 1888.

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