Age Related Visual Pathologies among Nursing Home Residents: An Evaluation of Light Conditions and Recording in Client Files

Marianne M. Sinoo, Mirjam Van Tilborg, Jos M. G. A. Schols, Helianthe S. M. Kort


Objective: Reflection on visual problems in nursing homes.

Data Sources: Eye examinations, documented visual problems and illuminance levels.

Study design: The optometric examinations and recorded visual problems were combined with illuminance data.

Data collection: In seven nursing homes, 259 residents underwent an optometric examination. Their client records were analyzed for information regarding visual functioning. The illuminance data were ranked to set the quality of the lighting conditions.

Principal findings: 50% of the referred residents had problems with cataracts, retinal problems (21%), suspected glaucoma (13%), and other pathologies (16%). The information was not current in 56% of the records. The quality of lighting conditions was low or moderate.

Conclusion: The finding of poor lighting conditions in nursing homes in combination with a high prevalence of visual problems (with cataract found to be the most common age related pathology), stretches the need of enhanced awareness of eye care by professional caregivers.

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