Leadership and Management in the 21st Century Organizations: A Practical Approach

Victor E. Dike


This article explores the place of leadership and management in the 21st century businesses and organizations, the role of leaders and managers, leadership styles as well as their levels of efficacy. It also investigates the attributes of an effective leader and manager, differentiates the concepts of leadership and management, leadership and management decision-making and problem-solving processes, and strategies for effective delegation of authorities to followers. This article argues that to function effectively and efficiently in today's new economy, every organization needs effective leaders and managers as well as competent and reliable followers. It also posits that the place of leadership and management in today's organizations are changing because, among other forces, the extreme competition among businesses in the new global economy, the emerging technologies, and globalization spurred by the Internet. The seemingly uncertainty in today's organizations are putting undue pressures on leaders and managers to adopt practical approach to leadership and management to motivate their followers to enhance their performance, share the visions and missions of the organizations so as to realize their set objectives. This article argues that what makes effective leadership and management in the rapidly changing 21st century organizations include their personality and style of leadership, passion and values, decision-making and problem-solving process as well as their expectations and levels of relationship with their followers. Leaders and managers require a practical approach to leadership and management to substantially influence and motivate their followers to enhance their performance to achieve set organizational objectives.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/wjssr.v2n2p139


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