Critical Analysis of 40 Years of Education Reform in Educational Leadership Preparation in China

Yu Li, Wenfan Yan


The success of a principal often depends on the preparation quality. The United States attaches great importance to the cultivation of educational leadership, and has established various professional organizations to study and manage the cultivation of educational leadership, which has promoted the continuous improvement of the cultivation plan of American educational leadership. In the past 40 years of China’s reform and opening up, the preparation level of principals in primary and secondary schools has risen from undergraduate to postgraduate. However, at present, it still shows the importance of on-the-job training of principals in primary and secondary schools, while neglecting the research and reform of pre service education activities of educational leaders, which leads to the standardization and professionalism of preparation methods of educational leaders to be improved. Therefore, we can learn from the preparation experience of American, combine with the actual situation of China, attach great importance to the professional training of education leaders, carry out extensive relevant academic research, enhance the direction leading role of education value and social responsibility, systematically design the preparation program of education leaders, and truly build a diversified social support and promotion network, improve the preparation effect of educational leadership in an all-round way.

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