Hong Kong’s Welfare System Under “Starting a New Chapter”: History and Prospects

Chen Wu


“Starting a new chapter for Hong Kong together” is the campaign slogan shouted by Mr. John Lee, the new chief executive of Hong Kong, under the new background of Hong Kong’s development. To start a new chapter, the primary goal is to solve various social problems accumulated in Hong Kong in the past, so Hong Kong’s welfare system should be reformed. This paper first analyzes the development history, current characteristics and driving factors of Hong Kong’s welfare system, finds that the progress of Hong Kong’s welfare system has been slow and it is difficult to respond to new social problems such as the large rich-poor gap, aging population, and working poverty, although Hong Kong has relatively comprehensive social welfare as an developed region. Where will Hong Kong’s welfare system go to start the new chapter? Starting from the real situation, this paper believes that Hong Kong will inevitably move towards a “People’s Livelihood-Oriented Active and Moderate Inclusive” welfare system based on the new government’s policy address and budget.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/wjssr.v10n3p44


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