Contribution of Communication for a Good Management of Water Bodies in Buurkina: Case of Lac Dem in the Commune of Kaya, Province of Sanematinga, North Center Region



Lake DEM, like other wetlands in Burkina Faso, is facing pronounced degradation due to numerous pressures, mainly anthropogenic, associated with management problems, a lack of communication and awareness of the basics of management of water bodies and thereby resulting in a weak local governance framework. It is with a view to reversing this trend towards the continuous degradation of our plant cover that our research work proposes the contribution of communication for better management of the Lac Dem water body by relying on the previous work of the Local Environmental Governance Consolidation Project (COGEL Project) in collaboration with the Ramsar Convention. This study is intended to be a scientific contribution. Also, the shared resource of the lake management plan offers us this opportunity to analyze the different uses of the water resource in a communication strategy at the level of the lake and within its sub-watershed. The estimate of water withdrawals from the lake by the various actors showed significant annual water quantities of m3 of water by the various actors involved in the sector. Our initial hypothesis, which is confirmed, testifies that the mode of withdrawal of the water resource from Lake Dem does not allow its sustainable use. However, given the status of the lake with multiple uses and the poor coordination of the actors, it seems imperative to operationalize the management framework of Lake Dem. Thus, the effective implementation of the lake management plan, and a good organization of all actors through communication strategies, will allow better coordination and sustainable use of the waters of Lake Dem.

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