Spiritual Pathology Theory of the Sound Heart Model: Socio-Cultural Factors of Spiritual Distress

Asadzandi M., Seyed Kalal A.


Introduction: Spiritual Pathology is the study of disturbing factors in the relationship between man and God, the process of disruption in secure attachment to God, which causes spiritual distress in relation to self, people, and the world of creation.Areas covered: Balbi defines attachment as deep emotional bond with special people in life, whose interaction brings security, joy and happiness, and their presence brings peace in times of stress. Kirkpatrick generalized the style of attachment to parents to attachment to God. Expert opinion: In the Sound Heart Model, worship is natural need. The basis of religion is secure attachment to God. Secure attachment to God is belief in the presence and sufficiency of God, as a responsive safe haven. The basis of attachment to God is positive image of God and “recognizing the truth of religion” by the Prophet. The Prophet, as interpreter of Qur’an and spiritual role-model, has healthy spiritual personality. Acceptance of religion, at the time of intellectual maturity, should be done without imitation and coercion, based on knowing the truth of religion, with a free and informed choice. Spiritual pathology is the study of socio-cultural factors that cause misunderstanding of religion, negative image of God and insecure attachment to God.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/wjssr.v10n4p17


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