A Study of Prosodic Entrainment and Social Factors in Mandarin Conversations

Zhihua Xia


In conversations, interlocutors usually adopt prosody to that of their partner, and they become similar in prosodic production for successful communication. This phenomenon of prosodic entrainment is related to complex factors. This study aims to explore the relationship between prosodic entrainment and social factors. Two analyses are accomplished: the analysis of prosodic entrainment and gender, and the analysis of prosodic entrainment and role. In terms of prosodic entrainment and gender, it is found that the most prosodic features are entrained in female-male conversations, and the least in male-male conversations. In terms of prosodic entrainment and roles, it is found that different roles have influence on the entrainment degree, and information givers entrain more to followers in conversation.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/wjssr.v11n1p42


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