Economic Empowerment of Women in Lebanon

Bassam Charif Hamdar, Hussin Hejase, Fadi El-Hakim, Jessica Antonios Le Port, Rebecca Baydoun


This research discusses the importance of the economic role of the working woman in Lebanon. It discusses the revolution of the changing role of the Lebanese woman from being a mother and a wife, to being an important contributor to the economic growth. It highlights the effective impact of this changing role on the family stability, following the Lebanese woman integration into the working force which results in decreasing the dependency on the male partner in providing essential family needs.

Furthermore, this paper tackles the cultural differences among Lebanese women, the ambitions, the values, and the priorities of Lebanese women. It touches also on the economic empowerment of woman, who plays a significant role in facilitating the achievement of a higher level of economic welfare. However, the main focus of this paper is on the socio-economic role of the woman in the global environment where material needs have become a priority and an ultimate value.

Questions which to be addressed by this paper are: should oriental women devote their lives to material gains even if it is done at the expense of the family life? How economically important to promote the women's role as leaders and managers fully devoted to economic growth and money earnings? Are working women economically independent?

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