The Ideological Narrative Structure of Natural Ecological Environment in the Pre-Qin Period of China

Peng Wang


The deterioration of environment is one of the major issues posed to modern human society. Some put their hopes on scientific and technological advancement and advocate the idea of sustainable development of ecological conservation; others hold that human beings have been trapped by the paradox between environment and development. In a word, the thinking and discussion about ecological environment has become a hot topic. By narrating and comparing the ideologies on natural ecological environment from ancient times to pre-Qin period, this paper reflects on the attitude toward natural ecological environment in modern society. Based on its study of a long time-span, this paper puts forward the ideological narrative structure of self, society and all things of natural ecological environment. The ideology centered on individuals and society should be transformed into natural thinking, which includes individuals, society and all things. The modern society should set the basis of solving environmental problems on clarifying the thinking schema of the modern times and the historical context of the evolution of natural ecological environment. The ideological narrative structure of self, society and all things enlighten the contemporary society that the relationship between human society and nature should not be considered from one dimension only.

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