Quality of Programmes and Training in Youth Polytechnics: An Assessment of the Challenges Facing Youth Polytechnics in Provision of Quality Education and Training in Kenya

Moses Onsinyo Moturi, Henry Onderi, Benard Mwebi


Tertiary education especially in Youth Polytechnics has been identified as the means to provide relevant and adequate technical skills for industrial and economic development consistent with aspirations of Kenya Vision 2030. Youth Polytechnics being accountable to the public as stakeholders need to guarantee that they offer quality training. However, with the diminishing number of students seeking education through Youth Polytechnics, the question of quality is critical and requires urgent attention. The objectives that guided the study were to find out the attitude of stakeholders on quality of programmes offered; Investigate challenges facing Youth Polytechnics in provision of quality education. The study adopted a descriptive research survey design and informed by the Classical Liberal Theory of Equal opportunity and Social Darwinism. The units of analysis were the 31 Youth Polytechnics, 4 were used in the pilot study. Methodology; data was collected through interviews and questionnaires. The findings were that there is shortage of instructors in the Youth Polytechnics and No standardization in academic programmes undertaken across the country. It was concluded that the enrolment was diminishing and quality of training, physical facilities and human resource was wanting.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/wjssr.v2n2p300


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