Blended Learning in Maritime Education and Training: Effects of On-demand E-learning before and after Training

Yoshiaki Kunieda, Yuki Ito, Sann Dee, Hideyuki Kashima, Koji Murai


Blended learning that combines e-learning and face-to-face lessons is spreading from employee training to school education. To improve its educational effect, we conducted training after students watched on-demand teaching materials, that is, e-learning in advance. In addition, students’ watched on-demand review material created from the video of the practical training, aiming to confirm their knowledge and skills. The authors have so far proposed a Group work, Training, Group work and Presentation (hereinafter “GTGP”) training model that combines group work, training, group work and presentation. As a result of comparing blended learning that combined in-advance, on-demand teaching materials and the GTGP model training with the previous GTGP model training alone, we found that the average achievement rate improved by 6.0%. In addition, students’ expressions about watching on-demand review material after training indicated the material was effective.

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