Development of the Ideas of the Universe and Man in the Philosophical Views of Al Farabi

Ernazarov Dilmurod Zuhriddinovich


Farabi’s social utopia is a search for harmony between an intelligent universe, divine intelligence in the universe and a civil structure—a perfect human community. In other words, the thinker sought to project the harmony and harmony inherent in the cosmos onto earthly life, to deduce the laws of the functioning of human society from the eternal laws of being. This requires knowledge of the order and. harmony of things in the universe as the laws of all things. The concept of the ideal Farabi society is based on this conviction. On the basis of his research, al-Farabi created a new way of understanding the world and perceiving all that exists, which became the basis of the philosophy of the East during the Middle Ages. The article analyzes the philosophical outlook of Farabi about the essence of the Primordial One, matter, man, society etc.

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