A Modern Person as a Subiectum Neglegens: On the Problem of Constructive and Destructive Ignoring

Svitlana P. Balinchenko


Under the pressure of information, a person is transformed into a Subiectum Neglegens, multidimensional specifics of which is in time-binding and correlating form, meaning and intention in the informational flow. It serves both as a personal self-defense mechanism in the informational hypertension and as a new communicative means. These are the means that can be either destructive or constructive due to the labels and mythologemes, as well as due to successful or less successful overcoming of the traps and obstacles in the process of building common communicative space.

Constructive ignoring as an informational self-defense mechanism implies a variety of search modes for filtering the flow of information. It gives an idea of a person managing in the daily flow of information by ignoring the least relevant items, regardless of possible omissions and mistakes connected with the relevant ones.

Destructive ignoring is the reverse side of the previous mechanism leading to omission of relevant information. It can be roughly subdivided into some aspects according to the omitted relevant issue and the labels and mythologemes connected with it and reflecting some term or aspect of traditional social-cultural importance. Ignoring of meanings, subjects, insights, influences and conclusions are also the indicators of destructive informational gap-forming.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/wjssr.v3n1p114


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