Counter Narrative: Weapon in the Battle against Jihadism

Carmelo Jesús Aguilera Galindo


On 9/11 2001, as a result of the attacks carried out against various targets in the US, the world changed in many ways. New terms for the vast majority of society, new ways of carrying out terrorism, came to the fore. The globalization of Terror had arrived. And all this expanded exponentially by a new element that came into our lives such as the Internet. A tool that can be used for good, as has been demonstrated by the Covid-19 pandemic, but that is also used for illicit purposes by more or less organized crime and, of course, by terrorism.

Thus comes a new phenomenon such as the counter-narrative with which states must work as one of the different tools with which to combat terrorism, both of a jihadist nature or ideology, which is what is currently the most latent danger against which the whole world is facing, but without forgetting the extreme right and left.

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