Big Data Analytics National Educational System Monitoring and Decision Making

Catia Cantini, Claudia Chellini, Maria-Teresa Sagri


This paper reviews the applications of big data in supporting monitoring and decision making in the National Educational System. It describes different types of monitoring methodologies and explores the opportunities, challenges and benefits of incorporating big data applications in order to study the National Educational System. This approach allows to analyze schools as entities, which included in a local context with specific social, economic, and cultural development features. In addition, the paper attempts to identify the prerequisites that support the implementation of data analysis in the national educational system. This review reveals that there are several opportunities for using big data (structured and unstructured information) in the educational system, in order to improve strategic multidimensional knowledge for decision making and developing educational policies; however, there are still many issues and challenges that need to be addressed so as to achieve a better use of this technology.

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