Challenges of Addressing Environmental Problems due to Quarrying Operation in Uwandani Ward, Pemba

Seif Hamza Moh'd, Ahmad Kanyama


This paper examines the challenges of addressing environmental challenges arising from aggregates quarrying at Uwandani Ward in Pemba, Zanzibar. Specifically, the study examines i) the socio-economic importance of quarrying, ii) the environmental impacts, iii) the interventions done to address environmental problems, and iv) the constraints over interventions. Data collection methods included household questionnaire survey, key informants interviews and participant observations. Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) and content analysis techniques were used in the analysis and processing of quantitative and qualitative data. The findings showed that although the revenue generated from quarrying operation is crucial for the livelihood of the local people, persistent environmental problems have been difficult to address due to lack of education, poverty, rapid increase of quarrying operations, drought and climate change variability, apathy in the community and inferior technology used in the quarrying operations. Furthermore, the challenges of tackling environmental problems are contributed by unsuccessful piecemeal interventions of the government because of the lack of clear recognition and appreciation of the artisanal quarrying operation contribution in the livelihood of local people. This paper recommends that the government recognizes and appreciates informal quarrying operations in order to put effective policies to develop the sector and address its environmental problems. This should be accompanied by the participation of all stakeholders in planning and implementation to address environmental problems through bottom-up approaches.

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