Can Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Ensure the Sustainable Growth of Ready Made Garments (RMG) Sector in Bangladesh

Md. Asiqul Islam, Xia Huosong


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the proceeding with duty by business work to continue the morally and keep on the enhancement of economy while increasing the personal satisfaction of the workforce and their families and also of the nearby group and society on the loose This study has been directed to investigate the considerable significance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). To accomplish result, research technique has relied based on information from secondary sources. This study finds the CSR practices and the practice is not well appropriately. Health problems, injured scenario increasing along with low payment of wages in RMG of Bangladesh. Also environment is polluting in the absence of proper CSR practice. Some of association attempting their best, however in the vast majority of cases association don't know about that. Without implementation of CSR, sustainable growth is not possible in RMG sector. This study suggested that CSR practice is one and only approach to unravel the all boundaries and ensure the sustainable growth of RMG sector in Bangladesh.

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