Towards the Narrative Intertextuality in Poetic Narratology: An Intertextual Analysis of Lawrencian Birds, Beasts and Flowers

Jun Luo, Qin Liu


For a long time, there have been the mountainous discussions about intertexuality in the field of novelist narrative studies by scholars from China and western countries in their academic practices in terms of the in-textual responses from a novelist narrative text to another produced either by the same writer or by different novelists based on the academic focus of the textual influences from one novelist narrative text to another. However, there have been rarely comparative discussions focused on the narrative intertextuality of the poetic narrative texts by taking Lawrencian poetic collection Birds, Beasts and Flowers as a case of intertextual representation. Therefore, this essay aims to make a quest for the narrative intertextuality of poetic narrative texts by taking the poems in the narrative poetic collection of Birds, Beasts and Flowers as a specific case as well as an exemplary justification of this narrative proposition that narrative intertextuality including the linguistic intertextuality, literary intertexuality, rhetorical intertextuality and thematic intertextuality has been making its way to the perfection of poetic narration in the enrichment and betterment of poetic narratology.

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