Smashing back Doors in: Negative Attitudes toward Bottoms within the Gay Community

Thomas R. Brooks, Stephen Reysen, Jennifer Shaw


In the current study, we examined the relationship between hegemonic masculinity and negative attitudes toward effeminacy with prejudice toward sex-role identities in the gay community. Participants recruited from LGBTQA+ student groups from across the United States, completed measures related to their adherence toward hegemonic masculinity, attitudes toward effeminacy, and opinions about bottoms (men who prefer to be penetrated during anal intercourse). The results showed, first, established evidence that a prejudice toward bottoms does exist. Second, anti-effeminacy attitudes, hostile and benevolent sexism, and male toughness norms predicted prejudice toward bottoms. Taken together, the results illuminate both the importance of sex-role identities within the gay community, and marginalization within the community directed toward men who identify as bottoms.

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