COVID-19 Communication and Lockdown Strategies of Selected Countries—Brazil, India, South Africa and Vietnam

Amb. Dr. John O. Kakonge


This paper focuses on case studies of four countries—Brazil, India, South Africa and Vietnam—to determine whether communication strategies and lockdown policies have been effective in reducing the numbers of positive cases of COVID-19. Given the data limitations, it is not clear whether the communication strategies each country used have helped to enforce the lockdown. Regardless, there is no question that lockdown, whether national or selective, has helped to reduce increases of positive cases in three countries-India, South Africa and Vietnam; Brazil has not had a lockdown, and numbers have escalated. Lockdown, in turn, has helped the former countries to plan ahead to cope with COVID-19. Moreover, from these case studies reviewed, it is demonstrated that the success of lockdowns depends on the understanding and support of all stakeholders.

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