Karma and Yoga: Transformative Pedagogy and Empowering Communities through Study Abroad and Service Learning

Anita Anantharam


International education and global citizenship are keywords in our culture today and the success or failure of our attempts to be global citizens depends on the level of commitment we are able to make to cultures different than our own. The academic study of transnational feminism rests on the idea that cultural knowledge can be learned and appreciated. Studying abroad is a small step towards fostering global citizenship and transnational solidarity. This essay illustrates some of the successes of and impediments to community formation and global awareness through study abroad programs and initiatives. Service-learning assessment modules, non-traditional assignments, and stimulation of contemplative health are presented as pedagogical examples that make possible a mutually life-transforming experience for educators and students alike.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/fce.v1n1p53


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