Production and Characteristics of a Turkish Traditional Food in Another Country (Jonkoping-Sweden): Molasses

Lale S. Akan, Yahya Özdogan


Pekmez, which has been produced for a long time in Turkey, is one of the popular and traditional Turkish foods (Tosun & Üstün, 2003; Celik & Surucuoglu, 2005). Although it is not very common, it is being tried in houses and production places in some countries where Turks live. Pekmez is produced primarily from grapes (Alpaslan & Hayta, 2002; Sürücüoglu & Celik, 2005; Batu et al., 2007). Grapes suitable for fruit juice yield, sugar content, acid value and ripening time are suitable for molasses production.Turkey, approximately 4185.126 tons of grapes are produced per year (TUIK, 2012), and approximately 30% of the grapes produced in Turkey are used for pekmez, wort and sausage with pekmez production in a year. In this study, some information is given on Molasses (produced in another country), production stages, effects on health and the relevant regulations and in terms of product chemical and microbiological characteristics.

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