Effect of Live Lactobacillus Paracasei NFRI 7415 on the Preference for a Lard Diet or Fish Oil Diet in Rats

Akie Sato, Noriko Komatsuzaki


This study examined the effect of live Lactobacillus paracasei NFRI 7415 on the preference of a lard diet (LD) and a fish-oil diet (FD) in rats. 4-week-old male Fischer 344 rats were fed one of four diets; LD, LD + lactic acid bacteria (LLD), FD and FD + lactic acid bacteria for 4 weeks (dietary experimental period). The LLD and FLD groups freely ingested water containing Lb. paracasei NFRI 7415 (107 cfu/ml). After 4 weeks, all rats were placed on a two-choice diet program in which they self-selected from two food cups, each containing either the LD or the FD for 5 weeks (self-selection period). After the dietary experimental period, there was no significant difference in the final body weight and total food intake among the four groups. The intake of fish-oil and live Lb. paracasei NFRI 7415 was increasing the fecal lipids excretion, and it effectively reduced plasma total cholesterol concentration (p<0.05). It was indicated that the intake of live Lb. paracasei NFRI 7415 was no influence on the preference for fat in the dietary experimental period and the self-selection period.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/fsns.v2n3p57


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