Quality Oil for Deep Frying in Foods and Changes Acidity on Various Kind of Oils after Frying

Puminat W., Teangpook C.


Human eat a lot of highly acidic and oxidant foods. Acid chemicals and oxidants in food cause harmful to the health. Acid value, free fatty acid and polarities of the fried oil change during cooking for food. Statistical data of fried oils estimate and systematize on three recipes of food (Doughstick, Fish cake and Fried chicken). Their recipes are on the best of sensory evaluation. In each food recipes are selected from market and evaluated by traditional and popular merchant. In the sampling, the experimental model is planned by trial RBCD with factorial 3 × 2 × 3. The use of three type oil, two level temperature and three sampling collector are treated on experiments with three recipes. They showed that palm olien oil can change a higher pH than soybean oil and rice bran oil by a statistically significant difference at 95% confidence level. Deep frying by high temperatures and short time have change a quality oil less than low temperatures and long time. Frying in larger quantities and a longer period can change the more acidity and polarities. Quality foods for flavor and healthy oil must no more high and low temperature in cooking.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/fsns.v2n3p86


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