Maintain the Chili Colour of a Sea-food Dipping Sauce in Product Processing

W. Puminat


Products of sea-food dipping sauce were prepared by sugar, water, acid, salt with chili and herbs. In the experiments, products were prepared and designed on a factor model for the study on the program. They were designed as factorial 4×2×4 by management with RBCD on conditions model of blanching, heating and cooling for the study on chili colour. The results of the experiments performed on physicochemical properties of product such as Brix 50.0-66.9 pH 3.52-4.29, Aw 0.814-0.879, solid content 2.80-5.75 g/100g, chlorophyll a 0.20-1.66, chlorophyll b 1.38-4.13. Colour value of products was L*29.99-23.97, a*-2.56- -3.0 and b*8.28-1.21. The green value of products was preserved green colour for processing on blanching, short-time heating and all cooling. The color preservation of chili depended on the preparation process. Blanching and cooling supported to preserve the colour and decreasing of decay texture. Usage chemicals as Ca2+ and Mg2+ processing of products were preserved a green colour more than no chemical treatment. Blanching, cooling and short time for cooking were product development in order to preserve the green colour. The stability of the color of product was improved by blanching and cooling including boiling with short time.

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