Drama Based Social Emotional Learning

Hakan Usakli


This experimental study evaluates effectiveness of drama on social emotional learning. Social-Emotional Skills Perception Scale was applied to 255 elementary fourth grades. The students who got average and below average social emotional score were selected for experimental and control group. Those groups are equal in participant (42 each) and have approximately similar means in the study. Ten weeks interventions that are drama sessions about social emotional learning were presented to experimental group students. It is apparently seen that there is significant difference between experimental and control groups in terms of social emotional learning on behalf of experimental group. Social emotional learning is very important issue for a child not only in school life but also family and social life. Drama seems to be very effective tool teaching social emotional learning to the kids. Schools can add their curriculum drama based social emotional learning hours. Future studies recommend upon different socio-economic backgrounds and age groups.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/grhe.v1n1p1


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