Attaining Children’s Development through Appropriate Assessment Practices: Insights from Kindergarten Teachers

Mumuni Thompson


The research contributes to the conversation regarding kindergarten teachers’ knowledge about developmentally assessments practices in attaining curriculum goals of selected kindergartens classrooms within the Ghanaian settings. The mixed method research approach was employed. Quantitative data were gathered from 1,413 teachers using questionnaires, while qualitative data were collected from 10 participants who were interviewed and observed. The participants for the quantitative research were randomly selected from ten districts in the Central Region of Ghana. The data were analysed using both descriptive and inferential statistics. However, the participants for the qualitative research were purposely sampled. The qualitative data were analysed through open and axial coding. The study revealed that KG teachers were achieving curriculum goals and were using developmentally appropriate assessment procedures. They were however, not conversant with some of the curriculum goals and emerging assessment practices. It was also evident that there is a positive relationship between KG teachers’ achievement of the goals and the use of assessment procedures. It was recommended among others that through orientation and training sessions, KG teachers should be given insights into KG curriculum goals and diverse authentic assessment procedures to enhance and promote children’s development in varied ways.

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