Research Project: The Mentoring and Development of Emotional Competence in Nursing Students

Jose Vilelas, Paula Diogo, Isabel Lucas, Maria Joao Fernandes


Nursing care has a very intense emotional component. Nursing students, in addition to dealing with the frailties inherent in their life processes and personality development, are still subject to an emotionally and socially demanding academic experience. This negatively charged emotionality hinders the teaching-learning process and the academic course. The emotional management depends on perception and individual resources, and it may be necessary for this regulation support and guidance provided by a mentor. The mentoring programs developed in the Institutions of Higher Education contribute to the healthy integration of the student and, consequently, to their socialization and academic success. Mentors provide guidance to students and extrinsic emotional regulation, through support and discussion, and are a resource in managing emotions, contributing to the development of emotional competence in nursing students. This quantiquantitative approach research project aims to contribute to the construction of a mentoring program that promotes the development of emotional competence, essential to academic success and transformative learning in Nursing Degree.

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