Similarities and Differences of the Dam Giong Epics (Vietnam) and Reamker (Cambodia), Ramakien (Thailand), PhraLakPhra Lam (Laos) (Note 1)

Hue Hoang Thi, Dung Nguyen Tien


There are a lot of similarities and differences in The Dam Giong epics of Bahnar ethnic in Central Highlands-Vietnam and Reamkerepic (Cambodia), Ramakien epic (Thailand) and PhraLakPhra Lam epic (Laos). Although there are some similarities in content and themes, these epics differ in capacity, structure, character system and some other artistic elements. Reamker, Ramakien, PhraLakPhra Lam are short independent epics, deriving from Ramayana epic (Indian). Meanwhile, The Dam Giong epics, about a hero named Giong, have a large capacity of hundreds of epics. These epics derive from myths, legends and creeds of Bahnar ethnic in the Central Highlands-Vietnam, especially, they are “living” epics. Nowadays, the epics of Dam Giong are still being circulated and they are developing in the lives of Bahnar ethnic. Currently, in Central Highlands-Vietnam, the epics of Dam Giong are still composed and the number of these epics is constantly increasing.

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