A Systematic Review of the Influencing Factors of Sharing Economy Platform



With the rise of sharing economy in recent years in China, the study of value co-creation in the context of sharing economy has begun to develop. Although the number of literature is relatively limited, it is the hot spot and trend of research and development in China. Nowadays, the research in this field has gradually expanded from the related theoretical concept of value co-creation to practical marketing scenarios such as consumer service experience, service innovation, and sharing economy. At the same time, the application research gradually tends to customer experience, customer value, and other customer perspective research. Start from “value co-creation and service leading logic” to “Customer participation, satisfaction, and loyalty” and then to the direction of “service innovation and service quality” evolution. Nowadays, the research trend of value co-creation is based on the basic theory of value co-creation and service-oriented logic.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/ibes.v5n1p24


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