The Impact of the Revision of Income Standards on the New Energy Vehicle Industry—A Case Study of BYD

Yixue Zhao


The rapid development of economy requires more and more energy. With the continuous enhancement of the awareness of environment and sustainable development, new energy has the advantages of low pollution and wide development prospects, and has been deeply studied by various countries. At the same time, in order to regulate the development of the new energy automobile industry, China revised the accounting standards for Business Enterprises No. 14 - revenue in 2017 to standardize the relevant measurement methods, which has a certain impact on the new energy automobile industry. Taking the development status and trend of China's new energy automobile industry in recent years as the research background, this paper uses the case analysis method and selects BYD, a new energy automobile company, as the research sample to systematically analyze the impact of the revision of the income accounting standards on the accounting, strategy and risk management of BYD, and puts forward targeted suggestions and measures for the effective implementation of the income accounting standards in the new energy automobile industry.

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