Asset Portfolio Risk Management Study-Empirical Analysis Based on VaR Model



This research paper is based on an empirical analysis of portfolio risk management using the value-at-risk (VaR) model. First, the theoretical foundations of portfolio management are introduced, including portfolio theory, asset pricing models, risk management theory and methods, and VaR models. Then the research methodology is described, including data sources and processing, VaR model construction, and risk metric calculation and interpretation. The empirical results section shows the risk analysis and source identification of asset portfolios, the estimation of VaR model parameters and confidence intervals, and the results of VaR calculations and risk measures at different confidence levels. Finally, the results are discussed and analyzed, including the interpretation and comparison of the risk measure results and the advantages and disadvantages of the VaR model. The paper also provides practical risk management recommendations and decision support for investors based on the results of the study. Limitations of the study and future research directions are also discussed. Overall, insights into portfolio risk management using VaR models are provided and a useful reference for researchers and investors interested in this area.

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