Development of an Entrepreneurial Small Business’ (Abler by Robomedika’s) Strategic Plan by Shortened Systematic Strategic Planning (SSP)—Case Study

Dr. Hakan Butuner, Sinem Yilmaz Aslan, Ahmet Koklu


As many sources exhort managers to “think strategically”, only a few addresses how to make this happen. Shortened Systematic Strategic Planning (SSP) consists of a pattern of step-wise procedure for straight-forward planning, and the fundamentals involved in any strategic planning project. The use of shortened SSP is more suitable for the development of strategic plans for small- and medium-size businesses. SSP has been applied to and tested on different businesses’ subject issue and has been generated by the composition of the cause-and-effect relations of them.

The intention here is to provide a new perspective and benefit for the strategic planners by introducing this new systematic methodology and demonstrating its implementation on an entrepreneurial and new business called Abler. Accordingly, let shortened version of SSP easily understood and universally applied to any small- and medium-size businesses. You are guided how to identify in what circumstances you might use its specific tools and how to target them directly at achieving effective results. The data that are used in this case are fictitious and only help for this study. Though, the given case does not cover all the steps of a typical SSP and use all the recommended techniques, it still reflects the basics.

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