Study on the 4P in the Innovation Strategy of Three Squirrels’ Network Marketing

Wei Bi, Jie De Wu, Yang Gao, Rung Tai Lin


Along with the rapid development of our electronic commerce in our country, the only traditional marketing mode has been hard to meet the current market demand and it must be imperative to have vast application of marketing innovation strategy. It has been accepted and recognized by more and more people that there is an innovation strategy of network marketing centered with the marketing to improve user brands marketing; what’s more, it has been thought and applied by all kinds of major electronic commerce. Based on the mature theory of innovation strategy of network marketing, the paper would begin from the aspect of improving user brand innovation marketing to have study and analysis of the case of 4P in the innovation strategy of Three Squirrels’ Network Marketing. The successful experience and the currently existed main problem would be analyzed, and some proper suggestions would be mentioned in the paper. The paper would focus on the 4P ideas to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of Three Squirrels to explore the main experience and the existed problems. There would be correspondent improvement innovation strategy combined with the condition of enterprises so that there would be certain reference value for the improvement of Three Squirrels in the network marketing; at the same time, through the ceaseless learning and study, there would be advanced marketing idea and marketing innovation strategy at home and abroad and these could be used by other enterprises in the future so as to have a better promotion to the healthy development of enterprises.

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