Research on the Integrated Development Mode of Pastoral Agriculture

Jiang Chenchen, Tang Miaoxi, Zhao Xinfu, Liu Chaoqun, Tan Xinyue


As an emerging thing different from traditional agriculture, the pastoral complex covers a wide range. This paper mainly designs the agricultural landscape under the concept of the pastoral complex to create a more attractive park, attract more tourists to travel and consume here, develop the local economy, improve local income, and promote the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy in the local area. This paper combines theory with practice, broadens the application methods and theoretical framework of the design of rural complexes, has specific reference value for the research of the design of rural complexes, is conducive to the construction of rural landscapes and the protection of rural ecology, arouses people’s re-examination of the construction of rural landscape, and has specific theoretical and practical significance for the development of rural landscape and the implementation of rural revitalization strategy.

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