Upholding Customer’s Loyalty through Customer’s Positive Affect

Eric Santosa


Loyalty is likely supposed as the key of any company’s success. Customers seemingly have no complain against price, even when the quality of a new product is under expectation. Purportedly, they close their eyes and ears, and believe everything will be fine. Apparently, this atmosphere is not easy to achieve. It needs such good quality perception of products in a particular period. Also it requires customer satisfaction, which leads of proud when using the product. While many similar products are available which in some extent they are also adjacent of quality, the effort of developing our product’s loyalty is tentative. It is supposed the loyalty is affected by factors, such as popularity, affection and pride. By other words, the customer’s mood plays a significant role. Can positive affect has an effect of customer’s loyalty, whether directly or indirectly through brand equity? The answer is obviously the purpose of the study. A sample which consists of 165 respondents is withdrawn by convenience and judgment method. Amos 16.0 and SPSS 16.0 are employed in analyzing data. The result shows that brand equity, satisfaction and customer’s loyalty are influenced by positive affect. In addition, both brand equity and satisfaction affect customer’s loyalty. Further, both brand equity and satisfaction post as mediator.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/ibes.v1n2p107


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