Research on China-Pakistan Trade Potential under the Construction of “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor”

Muhammad Mughees Hassan, Jun Chen, Chen yang Zhao


Pakistan and China’s trade relation have always been good and growing. The trade volume has always been increasing dramatically every year and has come to a point where Pakistan is dependent on the imports from China. Although many researchers have chosen this topic and written, and this topic is also especially important. This research covers the aspect of the relation between China and Pakistan for example Industrial trade, Raw material etc. This research states the problems occurred between trade. Moreover, this thesis will be including empirical analysis and statistical data analysis of both the countries. Also, the study will include the policies and the trading the agreements. The micro and macroeconomics will be discussed and the effect of large imports from China. Trade deficit of Pakistan and the current account deficit will also be discussed. Demand and Supply and favorable government policies are discussed.

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