The Financing Principles of High Carbon Enterprises Green Development Based on Double Carbon Target in China—Take MYSE as an Example

Dingchao An, Yuning Zhang


The “double carbon target” puts forward new requirements for China’s energy structure adjustment. As a leader in offshore wind power equipment, MYSE is an active practitioner of the concept of “carbon neutrality”. The company has established a green growth path and is actively experimenting with various green financial instruments to meet its rapidly growing capital needs. This paper describes in detail the “double carbon goal” to promote the intelligent green development of MYSE, as well as the diversified financing strategy based on green development. Taking the company’s experience of issuing green notes, green bonds, listing on London Stock Exchange and obtaining the “Green economy mark” as examples, this paper analyzes the conditions and strategies of green financing for high-carbon enterprises, and deeply understands the mutual support and promotion relationship between green development and green finance of companies. Deeply understand the positive significance of innovative financing channels and the use of green financing tools for the company’s green development, and provide reference and inspiration for local high-carbon enterprises to actively use green financing tools.

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