ESG Governance Leads the Sustainable Development of SRUN Enterprises in China

Rui Liu, Bo Huang


This research paper provides an in-depth discussion on the challenges faced by SRUN enterprises in China and the importance of ESG practices. Currently, the concept of ESG in China is still in its early stages, and there is limited research on ESG practices and their theoretical foundation for SRUN enterprises. These enterprises face various challenges such as complex corporate governance, lack of resources and funding, difficulties in technological and digital transformation, and rigid organizational structures and decision-making mechanisms. However, the introduction of ESG practices can improve corporate governance, reduce risks and financing costs, enhance enterprise efficiency, and promote high-quality development of enterprises. Therefore, this paper suggests that SRUN enterprises should proactively identify key issues related to ESG, choose appropriate ESG topics, and incorporate ESG concepts into their operational management to enhance their sustainability. In addition, by improving innovation and flexibility, strengthening cooperation with stakeholders, and continuously improving and monitoring, SRUN enterprises can better implement ESG practices. This research provides theoretical reference and practical guidance for SRUN enterprises to implement ESG practices, and points out the direction for future research in related fields.

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