The Role of Bahraini Law on Online Copyright Infringement

Dr Husham Alawsi


The main aim of this research paper is to look at the role of Bahraini law in copyright infringement. In Bahrain, many commercially pirated audio and video markets have been eliminated through various laws. However, video, software and audio piracy by end-users is still a huge problem. A copyright infringement is considered to be a violation of an organization or individual’s copyright. It describes the copyrighted material’s unauthorized use, such as images, text, videos, software, music and other original content. Copyright infringements have been formally addressed through various copyrights law in Bahrain, but there are some glaring omissions as well. No other protect has been attacked more than computer hardware and software in Bahrain, copying of computer software is “out of control” in Bahrain. Many companies have been accused of using illegal copies of Microsoft computer software products. The study argues that country might have a beautifully tidy and coherent law, but it might not be followed. The mechanisms of criminal and civil enforcement, and the working of patent and trademark offices and of the judicial system itself, are essential to the enforcement of copyright laws in practice. The absence of governmental interference helps Bahraini software pirates to work at will. The study concludes while contended that there should be a law with regard to compulsory licensing since this compulsory licensing would be required by the companies to transfer data to a domestic partner. Furthermore, stricter enforcement of copyright laws is essential because they would help prevent copyright infringements in Bahrain.

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