Introduction of Metaverse to Our Lives and Unlimited Services in the World of Metaverse

Yakup Durmaz, Dilruba Gokalp


Metaverse is a universe that combines our physical reality with the digital virtual world and goes beyond reality with multiple users with a permanent and lasting effect. The virtual world is based on digital people and objects and technologies that enable multi-sensory communication with people, such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). It provides highly professional communication in dynamic interactions between digital structures and real time. First, we encountered virtual worlds where avatars could teleport between them. Metaverse’s resurgence has come with social, immersive VR platforms compatible with multiplayer online video games, open game worlds, and AR co-working spaces. Metaverse is a concept that offers opportunities to create virtual communities in the commercial or beyond entertainment world; It is seen that it is a new generation platform that includes the three-dimensional sandbox where metaverse enthusiasts can interact through their avatars and is expressed as the “digital big bang” in cyberspace.

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