The Exploration of the Application and Management of Project Cost in Smart Buildings Using BIM Technology

Tingting Nie, Bo Liang


In recent years, the slow development of engineering construction management in China has been attributed to outdated management models and low level of informatization. To address the deficiencies in project cost management, relevant departments have proposed the application of BIM technology. BIM technology encompasses a wide range of areas, including planning, construction processes, and cost management. It enables the simulation of these processes to create dynamic real-time building models. Additionally, BIM technology facilitates the rapid transmission of various information during the construction process, thereby improving the overall efficiency of the construction project. Information technology has become ubiquitous in people’s daily lives, and this foundation has led to the emergence of smart buildings. The operation and development of smart building projects require effective project cost management. Accurate cost estimation can help construction enterprises effectively control project costs and increase economic benefits. However, many companies still rely on traditional methods such as manual measurement based on drawings, bill of quantities, or engineering rates, which often lead to calculation errors. The application of BIM technology in project cost management can help alleviate this problem.

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